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What is a Receptive Language Disorder?

A speech disorder refers to the difficulty or inability to properly produce specific speech sounds, and a language disorder refers to challenges related to communicating with speech, written words, gestures, and expressions. There are two main types of language disorders: expressive and receptive. An expressive language disorder involves difficulty expressing one’s thoughts, ideas, and feelings […]

What Causes Slurred Speech In Parkinsons Disease?

What is Parkinson’s Disease? Parkinson’s disease (also often referred to as PD) arises when the brain cells that are responsible for creating dopamine no longer work, or die. Dopamine is the brain chemical that coordinates movement. Parkinson’s disease is often classified as a movement disorder because it can cause tremors, slowness, stiffness in movement, and […]

What Are The Symptoms Of Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder?

What Are Social Pragmatics? When we communicate with others, we follow a variety of social rules and norms every day. Appropriate greetings to those we converse with, maintaining eye contact, taking turns when speaking and sticking to a particular topic during conversation are all examples of social pragmatics.  Using these conventions appropriately when communicating in […]

Is Cognitive-Communication Deficit an Intellectual Disability?

What is a Cognitive Deficit? The term ‘Cognitive Deficit’ refers to a general impairment of cognition. Cognition is defined as the mental process of understanding and acquiring language through thought, the senses, and experience. A cognitive deficit or deficiency is not limited to a specific condition or disease but it is often a symptom of […]