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Understanding Fluency Shaping Techniques in Speech Therapy

Fluency shaping is a method of speech therapy treatment that aims to improve the speech of those who struggle with stuttering. While not all cases of stuttering are curable, many people see significant improvements in their speech when using fluency shaping for stuttering treatment. What is Fluency Shaping? Fluency shaping does not refer to a […]

Supporting Adult Cochlear Implant Users through Speech Therapy

What is a Cochlear Implant? A cochlear implant is a device that is used to help individuals with hearing loss effectively perceive sound. In most cases, cochlear implants are used to aid adults with moderate to severe hearing loss. It is common for the term “cochlear implant” to be abbreviated as “CI”. Cochlear implants require […]

How do you Reverse Speech Delay?

When it comes to the development of speech and language skills in children, most 3-year-olds know a word for almost everything around them and should be able to combine those words to make short, simple sentences. Approximately 50 percent of their speech should also be understandable. When discussing developmental milestones, it is important to note […]

Conquering Multisyllabic Words: Effective Speech Therapy Techniques and Strategies

Young children who have speech sound disorders often have difficulty saying words with multiple syllables. In some instances, this is the result of phonological or motor planning difficulties. In general, longer words can be more challenging for all children to say. Therefore, speech-language pathologists may wish to target multisyllabic words during speech therapy sessions. Strategies […]

How do you Treat Verbal Apraxia of Speech?

Apraxia of speech is also often referred to as AOS, CAS, or verbal apraxia, and it is defined as a speech sound disorder that affects an individual’s ability to take conscious speech plans and translate them into motor plans. This typically results in significant communication challenges and limited speech ability. By definition, AOS affects volitional […]

Language Development Milestones: How Speech Therapy Can Help

One of the most common questions that speech and language pathologists hear from concerned parents is, “How many words should my child be using at this age?” As our children grow and develop, there are particular communication milestones that parents and caregivers can watch for. These important communication milestones help us know how each child […]

Mastering the S and Z Sounds: Strategies for Improved Pronunciation in Speech Therapy

Despite being separated by several letters in the alphabet, S and Z sounds are mechanically quite alike. They can also be relatively challenging sounds to produce, especially for children whose speech skills are still developing. Challenges with S and Z enunciation can arise for many reasons. The difficulties may present as other sound substitutions or […]