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Right Hemisphere Brain Damage

Right Hemisphere Brain Damage, also referred to as Right Hemisphere Disorder or RHD, is the result of sustaining head trauma or a brain injury that can often be secondary to a stroke. RHD can affect the ability to understand others and to speak clearly and appropriately. It can also affect other cognitive areas related to […]

3 Year Old Speech Milestones

Hearing your child’s first word is such an exciting moment, and it is amazing to watch speech and language skills begin to develop and flourish. Many parents are concerned about their children’s speech development and often wonder if their child is reaching their speech milestones when they should. These are all normal and common concerns […]

Types of Lisp Speech Disorders

Lisps, also referred to as Functional Speech Disorders or FMD’s, are amongst the most commonly identified and widely recognized speech problems that people experience. A “lisp” is an articulation problem that results in the inability to pronounce one or more consonant sounds. The most common example of this is the inability or difficulty pronouncing the […]

What is Einstein Syndrome

You may be asking yourself… “does my late-talking child really have something in common with Albert Einstein?” If you find yourself concerned that your child hasn’t begun to speak in full words yet, don’t worry. Given the charts, graphs, and endless percentiles at the pediatrician’s office, the slightest speed bump can cause unwanted anxiety. Children […]

2 Year Old Speech Milestones

Your baby is growing up so quickly, they’ll soon be a toddler before you know it. Preschool may be around the corner, but you’re feeling concerned. Your child isn’t speaking as clearly or as often as you expected by now. Maybe other kids just seem to be more verbal, talkative, or engaging. Are they on […]

Voice Therapy & Vocal Hygiene

A staggering 17.9 million adults in the U.S. have reported problems with using their voice, according to the National Institutes of Health. If you use your voice frequently, you may have vocal problems. Do you suffer from a strained voice and wonder, “how can I prevent my voice from feeling sore?” Vocal hygiene is the […]

Dyslexia Reading Comprehension Strategies

Dyslexia Reading Comprehension Strategies Thinking your child has dyslexia can be a terrifying trail to take a walk along. Will they ever be able to read normally? Will they have trouble getting into college? And making friends when they’re in school? What about holding a job? Rumors swirl about dyslexia being associated with low intelligence. […]

Speech Therapy Activities For Toddlers

When your toddler has a speech delay, it may be tough to help build confidence with their communication skills.  Keep a calm, patient, positive attitude. The more time you spend working with your child, the better their speech skills will develop over time! Don’t let your anxiety make them feel pressured to speak clearly. We’ve […]

How To Stop Stuttering When Nervous

What do President Joe Biden, singer Kendrick Lamar, and actresses Nicole Kidman and Marilyn Monroe have in common?  They’re people who stutter. Maybe you know exactly what you’re trying to say, but have difficulty communicating for other people to understand clearly. Perhaps your child can write and understand speech clearly but has difficulty articulating the […]