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Join the Great Speech Team as a Virtual Speech Language Therapist

Did you become a speech language therapist to make a meaningful impact in the world?  Perhaps your journey with speech therapy began when someone close to you survived a stroke, or maybe a family member lives with autism spectrum disorder, or Parkinson’s disease. By observing their challenges, you were inspired to help make life easier […]

Can A Child With Autism Learn To Talk

Learning your child is diagnosed with autism may be a difficult pill to swallow. You might find relief learning that many children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) go on to live very fulfilling and independent lives. A clinical evaluation to diagnose autism spectrum disorder is not to be taken lightly, but it’s important to remember […]

Speech Therapy and Activities for the TH Sound

As your toddler begins forming sounds into words and phrases over time, you may experience enormous moments of joy for the human they are quickly growing up to be! Don’t let this happy time screech to a halt if your child is having a little difficulty with clearly saying the /th/ sound.  This sound is […]

1 Year Old Speech Milestones

Have you and your partner been chatting endlessly with your toddler, waiting for them to elicit a reply of any kind? You’re not picky, you’d settle to hear even a “mama!”, “dada?”, or “dog”! 1 year old speech milestones can vary, and you’re not alone in being at least a little concerned. There are a […]