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What Age is Best for Speech Therapy?

Starting in the first few months of life, children begin developing the communication skills that will be the building blocks to help them succeed at home, in school, and later in life. Studies have shown that 1 in 10 children will need extra support in order to develop appropriate communication skills. Without proper support and […]

New study highlights how the pandemic negatively affected language and communication skills in kids

Researchers in Rhode Island found that the environmental changes associated with the pandemic negatively affected the language and communication skills of infants and children. Our CEO and Clinical Director Avivit Ben-Aharon explains the impact with @WPLGLocal10 and Schedule your Introductory Call

How do you Help a Child with Autism Through Speech Therapy?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) refers to a broad range of developmental disorders and is commonly identified in young children as their communication skills are developing and becoming more complex. ASD can result in challenges related to speech and language in a wide range of ways and severity. Just as Autism is considered a spectrum, so […]

What Do Speech Therapists Actually Do?

While many people might be familiar with the terms “speech therapist” “speech therapy” or “speech-language pathologist,” not everyone knows the answer to the question “What is a speech therapist?” Speech therapists are highly trained and educated to work with people who are struggling with their communication skills. A speech therapist, also referred to as a […]