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Voice Therapy & Vocal Hygiene

A staggering 17.9 million adults in the U.S. have reported problems with using their voice, according to the National Institutes of Health. If you use your voice frequently, you may have vocal problems. Do you suffer from a strained voice and wonder, “how can I prevent my voice from feeling sore?” Vocal hygiene is the […]

How To Stop Stuttering When Nervous

What do President Joe Biden, singer Kendrick Lamar, and actresses Nicole Kidman and Marilyn Monroe have in common?  They’re people who stutter. Maybe you know exactly what you’re trying to say, but have difficulty communicating for other people to understand clearly. Perhaps your child can write and understand speech clearly but has difficulty articulating the […]

1 Year Old Speech Milestones

Have you and your partner been chatting endlessly with your toddler, waiting for them to elicit a reply of any kind? You’re not picky, you’d settle to hear even a “mama!”, “dada?”, or “dog”! 1 year old speech milestones can vary, and you’re not alone in being at least a little concerned.
There are a number of commonly asked questions we receive regularly regarding early child language development and what 1 year old speech milestones you should look for as a new parent.