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September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day: Speech Therapists Work to Help Slow Impact of the Disease

September 21 marks World Alzheimer’s Day, an opportunity to educate and learn about the disease – and how providers such as speech therapists can aid and improve the quality of life for those affected by it. For the nearly 6 million people with the disease, some therapies can help manage and stall its symptoms. One […]

Val Kilmer Speaks for All People with Communication Difficulties Relating To His Top Gun: Maverick Performance

The makers of the smash hit Top Gun sequel faced a challenge familiar to speech therapists: how to help someone find their voice again after an illness or injury. In the case of this much anticipated Hollywood sequel, there was a hard truth. One of the lead characters – played by actor Val Kilmer – […]

What the Latest High Profile Celebrity Illness Tells Us About Speech Therapy

Justin Bieber is not the first celebrity to be in the news due to disease or illness. The 28-year-old pop singer was diagnosed with Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (RHS). His accompanying facial paralysis is especially debilitating, given he makes a living from his voice (speech). What usually follows the news blitz of such events is better […]