Online Parent Talks

Great Speech Inc., has been leading Parent Talks in different communities to help parents with questions about speech therapy issues in their own community.

Great Speech Organizes Webinars To Discuss

  • How to develop language skills in late talkers
  • Executive functioning- tools for success
  • Following your child lead- developing language skills in children with autism
  • Strategies to improve oral and written expression
  • Raising children in bilingual homes…which language to focus on

On-Site Parent Talk

Great Speech is available to present in person to communities and schools in South Florida. For other counties and states, please contact us for a quote. Topic covered include:

  • Improving academic success for children with ADHD and executive functioning
  • Late bloomers or developmental delay…when is waiting no longer an option
  • Social skills workshops
  • Parent workshops

Who Can Benefit From Parent Talk?

  • Parents/guardians trying to understand whether their child/children needs speech intervention.
  • Parent with children who have difficulty following directions.
  • Parents with children who have difficulty learning new vocabulary words and concepts.
  • Parents with children who struggle with reading comprehension
  • Parents with children who have difficulty socializing with peers
  • Parents of children who stutter, or are fast talkers and don’t know if they are a candidate for speech therapy.
  • Parents of children who have hearing loss and don’t know what their options are.
  • Parents of children who have difficulty with their executive functioning skills.
  • Parents of children who need support in their transition to college and beyond but don’t know their options.
  • Parents of children who struggle language due to bilingual or second language learning.

Schedule an introductory call to discuss how a licensed speech and language pathologist can help you achieve your goals.

About The Great Speech Team

  • All Great Speech therapists are licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologists (CCC-SLP)
  • Your therapist will be selected based on your needs and the therapist’s area of expertise and availability
  • Licensed across the United States
  • Multi- lingual (Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, American Sign Language)