Professional Communication Training

In today’s competitive workforce, how you present yourself professionally, in an interview, at a meeting or conference or during a presentation, can make or break your “personal brand.” Your communication skills can also act as a barrier against or as a catalyst for upward mobility within your organization. By fine tuning your verbal and written communication skills, your confidence will increase, allowing your qualifications and talents to shine and define your personal brand.

Professional Communication Training Can Help You:

  • Speak and write influentially
  • Eliminate your fear of public speaking
  • Modify the pitch of your voice or improve intonation
  • Add intonation and expression to your verbal communication
  • Enhance your professional interviewing skills
  • Increase awareness and modify non-verbal communication skills
  • Develop active listening and interpretive reading skills

How Can Great Speech Help?

After your complimentary consultation, your Great Speech specialist can assess your communication skills and help create a realistic and comprehensive treatment plan based on your professional goals.

Please contact us to discuss how a simple screening may give you the answer you need.

“With my high pitched voice and short stature, I was concerned people did not take me seriously. A Great Speech therapist scheduled regular sessions during my lunch hour and three months after I started working on the pitch of my voice, I was given a promotion. I feel so confident and proud of the way I sound.”

Isabella H., Elk Grove Village, Il