Intensive Programs For Online Speech Therapy

Reading aloud in class, struggling to understand instructions and test taking anxiety are just some of the many stresses that cause students to dread going to school.

This is where Great Speech can help! Some of our great remediation programs include:

  • Articulation Program
    Whether speech therapy for adults or speech therapy for teens and children, online speech therapy is a proven solution for articulation treatment. Our online speech therapy services for articulation are provided in the comfort of your home or office for a 6-week period.
  • Executive Function Training
     Executive function speech therapy sessions are provided fully online for a 6-week period. Improving executive function benefits clients of all ages and are crucial to academic and career success.
  • Stuttering Intervention
    Online speech therapy for stuttering is effective, interactive and fun with Great Speech. Stuttering treatment for adults, teens and children is offered with Great Speech’s 6-week program.
  • The Language of Math
    Ways to improve your child’s reading comprehension are critical for understanding the language of math. Great Speech’s specialized program for the language of math is provided fully online for a 6-week period.
  • Literacy & Reading Fluency
    The foundation to improve your child’s reading comprehension starts with literacy, vocabulary and overall confidence when reading. Specialized programs are the perfect way to strengthen literacy and reading skills with online speech therapy and Great Speech’s literacy and reading fluency 6-week bootcamp.
  • Reading Comprehension Mastery
    Our reading comprehension specialized program is one of the best ways to improve your child’s reading comprehension. With Great Speech’s online speech therapy services, reading comprehension skills are taught by a licensed speech-language pathologist with sessions that are effective, interactive and fun.
  • Pragmatics & Social Skills Groups
    Great Speech’s online speech therapy services for social skills and pragmatics are administered fully online by a licensed speech-language pathologist. Social communication disorder treatment includes learning how to be a better communicator and understand the messages of others.
  • Self Regulation
    Speech therapy for children needing additional support regulating their emotions and understanding the emotions of others is offered fully online through Great Speech’s 6-week program.
Online Speech Therapy