Online Speech Therapy For Literacy & Reading Fluency

This program is designed to help children and teens develop necessary reading proficiency and ensure academic success.

Learn more about how language skills, reading accuracy and spelling are essential for academic success.

Program Highlights Include:

  • Determine pattern of strength and weakness in reading skills for understanding and development
  • Establish consistent phonics understanding (sound-symbol connection)
  • Work on common orthographic patterns
  • Record and develop sight word based related to Frye List
  • Establish reading level for practice
  • Have regular writing practice for spelling words and simple sentences

Frequency of Services Recommended:

This individualized program entails a high intensity approach (much like a bootcamp), offered for 3 sessions per week for 45-minutes, for 6 weeks. During the school year, sessions can continue at a lower intensity to encourage further development and generalization of skills.

For more information schedule an introductory call to chat with a team member.