Online Speech Therapy For Self Regulation

This program is designed to help tweens, teens and college students empower them to improve their communication skills.

Learn more about how regulating emotions are crucial to interpersonal and social skills.

Program Highlights Include:

  • Give an understanding that all feeling are normal and a part of life
  • Introducing the zones approach to better regulate feelings
  • Introducing a variety of strategies/tools to help regulate their emotions
  • Practice calming techniques to help manage emotions
  • Learn and understand thinking a variety of thinking strategies to help manage emotions (big vs. little problem eg.)

Frequency of Services Recommended:

This individualized program entails a high intensity approach (much like a bootcamp), offered for 3 sessions per week for 45-minutes, for 6 weeks. Regulating emotions helps to develop the necessary self-awareness to control behaviors and understand how your feelings and behaviors impact the thoughts and feeling of others.

For more information schedule an introductory call to chat with a team member.