Online Assistance With The Language of Math

This program is designed to help tweens, teens and college students improve their understanding and application of math concepts. 

Learn more about how language skills are essential for academic success.

Program Highlights Include:

  • Determine areas of strength and weakness in Math functioning
  • Recognize that all math is providing a ‘story’ and directions to follow
  • Identify and use strategies to address areas of weakness
  • Work with computation and application
  • Work with word problems in all topic areas
  • Identify use of Math in everyday life and areas of interest

Frequency of Services Recommended:

This individualized program entails a high intensity approach (much like a bootcamp), offered for 3 sessions per week for 30-minutes, for 6 weeks.  Studies have suggested that a student with language impairments are at risk for deficits in the retrieval of numerical concepts.

For more information schedule an introductory call to chat with a team member.