Can Your Insurance Help YOU Improve Your Communication?

We are proud to work with the following insurance plans to offer virtual speech therapy:

Medicare Advantage Only

Don’t see your insurance plans listed here? That’s alright! We also accept HSA/FSA and private pay clients.

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What Makes Virtual Speech Therapy A Great Option?

Great Speech has been the leader of virtual speech therapy since 2014. Our services are easy to use, and have great results.

Virtual speech therapy is…


SAFE. Stay in the comfort of your home while reaching your speech goals.


ACCESSIBLE. No need to find a driver or deal with traffic.


CONVENIENT. Schedule sessions when YOU want them – during the day, evening, or weekends.


HIGHEST QUALITY. Our therapists are very skilled. We offer the same level of care as outpatient facilities.


PERSONALIZED. We match each client with a therapist who specializes in their needs. They keep the same therapist for their full program.


SIMPLE TO PRACTICE. We offer easy ways to practice between sessions. You can do this alone, or with a caregiver.

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Easy-to-Use Service

We know that learning new technology can feel hard at first.

That’s why we use software like Zoom that is free and easy to use.

Our sessions are very interactive. We only use technology when it’s important to our clients’ needs. We will meet you where you are at.

We have an easy log-in and a virtual practice center. We send calendar reminders and log-in links as text messages and emails.

It has never been easier to reach your speech goals!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Answers to the most common questions are here:

What is my financial responsibility?

It is different for every insurance plan. We’re happy to talk about your benefits with you in a call. We can give you the best information for your specific situation.

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How many sessions do I need?

We will customize your speech therapy program. This way, we meet your specific needs, goals, and insurance guidelines. For most clients, we recommend two 30-minute sessions per week.

Schedule a call to talk about your needs. You will learn what your customized program will look like.

What technology do I need?

All you need is a computer with internet access, a headset, and a microphone. You can download Zoom, which is a free application.

How quickly can I begin services?

Usually, we can get started about a week after your introductory call.

Have a question that isn’t listed here? You can read our detailed FAQ to find out more. Schedule a call with us to discuss your needs.

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Speech Therapy Services in Chicago, Illinois

The beautiful city of Chicago, IL, is known for its unique blend of cultural richness, diverse neighborhoods, and a dynamic urban landscape, making it an attractive city to call home. From the thriving cultural scene featuring world-class museums and galleries and iconic live music venues to the city’s incredible skyline and architectural highlights, it is no wonder that Chicago is one of the most popular cities in the United States for tourists and residents alike. 

Known as a city of neighborhoods, Chicago possesses many different residential areas, each with their own unique charm and character. In addition, the proximity of the city to one of the Great Lakes (Lake Michigan) means scenic lakefront views and endless recreational and entertainment possibilities. With its vibrant energy, rich cultural offerings, and a strong sense of community, Chicago continues to attract residents seeking a vibrant urban experience. The city’s resilience, diversity, and commitment to innovation contribute to its status as a fantastic place to live. 


As the third largest city in the United States with an ever-growing population, however, it can be challenging for some residents to easily access the supportive and therapeutic services that they require. Many Illinois speech therapists are in such high demand that they are unable to meet the needs of all who require their services. 


This is where Great Speech enters in. Great Speech offers virtual speech therapy nationwide, making it an accessible and convenient option for many Americans. If you or a loved one is facing communication challenges or barriers and are looking for speech therapy in Chicago, virtual speech therapy is available to provide support. Get started with one of our incredible speech and language pathologists by scheduling your free introductory call today! 


What are the Benefits of Speech Therapy?


Speech therapy offers a wide range of benefits for individuals of all ages who are experiencing difficulties relating to communication, speech, and language. Some of the key benefits of speech therapy include:


Improved Communication Skills: Speech therapy helps individuals to improve and enhance their communication skills, often focusing on articulation, pronunciation, and fluency. These improvements contribute to clearer and more effective communication and self-expression.


Enhanced Language Development: For those who struggle with a language disorder or delay, speech therapy focuses on improving skills relating to vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension. This helps to develop a strong foundation for effective communication skills.


Articulation and Pronunciation Improvement: Speech therapy aims to address difficulties with articulating certain sounds and correctly pronouncing words. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with speech disorders, such as articulation or phonological disorders.


Stuttering and Fluency Management: Individuals who stutter or have a fluency disorder can benefit from speech therapy treatment that focuses on managing and reducing speech disruptions. Therapists employ techniques to enhance fluency and build confidence.

Enhanced Voice Quality: Speech therapists often work with individuals to improve the quality, pitch, and resonance of their voice. This is especially beneficial for those with voice disorders or who use their voices extensively in professions such as teaching or public speaking.


Social Communication Skills: Speech therapy helps individuals develop effective social communication skills, such as turn-taking, understanding non-verbal cues, and engaging in meaningful conversations, all of which are crucial for successful social interactions.


Developmental Support in Children: Speech therapy plays an essential role in supporting the development of speech and language skills in children. Early intervention is vital for addressing communication difficulties and preventing long-term challenges.


Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem: As communication skills improve, individuals often experience more confidence and higher self-esteem. The ability to express oneself clearly and be understood by others positively impacts one’s overall sense of self and well-being.


Cognitive Communication Improvement: Speech therapy interventions extend to cognitive-communication skills to address challenges relating to memory, attention, problem-solving, and other cognitive aspects that can impact communication.


Support for Neurological Conditions: Individuals with neurological conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), or degenerative disorders can benefit significantly from speech therapy to regain or maintain affected communication abilities.


Academic and Professional Success: Improved communication skills contribute to success in academic and professional settings. Speech therapy delivers essential tools and techniques for effective communication and academic and/or professional success.


Speech therapy is a valuable and versatile mode of intervention that positively impacts a variety of aspects relating to communication and overall well-being. The benefits extend beyond the individual who is receiving therapy, positively influencing their relationships, academic or professional success, and quality of life.


Is Virtual Speech Therapy Right for Me?


Virtual speech therapy is a viable option for most individuals who would benefit from speech therapy, as it is as effective as traditional in-person speech therapy with a few added advantages, including:

  • Convenience & Ease of Attending Appointments
  • Accessible for All Individuals Regardless of Mobility or Cognitive Challenges
  • Flexible Appointment Times, Including Evening and Weekend Availability
  • Our Large Network of Highly Specialized Therapists Ready to Connect Nationwide
  • Consistency and Continuity of Care 
  • Ongoing Feedback & Regular Reviews of Progress and Goals
  • A Variety of Insurance Coverage Options: Great Speech is proud to accept Insurance Coverage from many popular health insurance providers, including Cigna, United Healthcare, Molina Healthcare, Sunshine Health, AvMed, Humana, Devoted Health Plans, Care Plus Health Plans, and Simply Healthcare. Aetna health care coverage is also coming soon to Great Speech.

If you are looking for speech therapy services in Chicago and think virtual speech therapy is the right fit for you, we are waiting to hear from you. Connecting with a specially selected speech therapist begins by scheduling your free introductory call today!