Can Your Insurance Help YOU Improve Your Communication?

We are proud to work with the following insurance plans to offer virtual speech therapy:

Medicare Advantage Only

Don’t see your insurance plans listed here? That’s alright! We also accept HSA/FSA and private pay clients.

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What Makes Virtual Speech Therapy A Great Option?

Great Speech has been the leader of virtual speech therapy since 2014. Our services are easy to use, and have great results.

Virtual speech therapy is…


SAFE. Stay in the comfort of your home while reaching your speech goals.


ACCESSIBLE. No need to find a driver or deal with traffic.


CONVENIENT. Schedule sessions when YOU want them – during the day, evening, or weekends.


HIGHEST QUALITY. Our therapists are very skilled. We offer the same level of care as outpatient facilities.


PERSONALIZED. We match each client with a therapist who specializes in their needs. They keep the same therapist for their full program.


SIMPLE TO PRACTICE. We offer easy ways to practice between sessions. You can do this alone, or with a caregiver.

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Easy-to-Use Service

We know that learning new technology can feel hard at first.

That’s why we use software like Zoom that is free and easy to use.

Our sessions are very interactive. We only use technology when it’s important to our clients’ needs. We will meet you where you are at.

We have an easy log-in and a virtual practice center. We send calendar reminders and log-in links as text messages and emails.

It has never been easier to reach your speech goals!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Answers to the most common questions are here:

What is my financial responsibility?

It is different for every insurance plan. We’re happy to talk about your benefits with you in a call. We can give you the best information for your specific situation.

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How many sessions do I need?

We will customize your speech therapy program. This way, we meet your specific needs, goals, and insurance guidelines. For most clients, we recommend two 30-minute sessions per week.

Schedule a call to talk about your needs. You will learn what your customized program will look like.

What technology do I need?

All you need is a computer with internet access, a headset, and a microphone. You can download Zoom, which is a free application.

How quickly can I begin services?

Usually, we can get started about a week after your introductory call.

Have a question that isn’t listed here? You can read our detailed FAQ to find out more. Schedule a call with us to discuss your needs.

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Speech Therapy Services in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida, is best known for its many famous theme parks and is widely considered to be among the most magical places on Earth. Beyond that, Orlando is admired for its incredible warm and sunny weather 12 months of the year, which fosters an active and outdoor lifestyle for those who call it home.

With a thriving culture of outdoor music festivals, events, and community celebrations, Orlando has so much to offer its residents. Thriving tourism, technology, and healthcare industries mean that Orlando’s job market is growing, making it a desirable city for those who are seeking professional advancement and growth.

While there are so many things that make Orlando a wonderful place to make a home, the city’s limited transportation infrastructure can make getting around and accessing certain services and resources more difficult. The demand for speech therapy services in Orlando is growing, and many Florida speech therapists in the area have extensive waitlists and limited availability. Access to professional speech therapy is essential for anyone who is struggling with their speech, language, and communication skills.

At Great Speech, we can diagnose and treat a wide range of speech and language disorders. Reach out to us and schedule your free introductory call today.

What is Virtual Speech Therapy?

Virtual speech therapy works in the same way as the traditional in-person approach, with the main difference being that speech therapy appointments take place online in the comfort of your home.

The journey to enhancing communication skills through speech therapy at Great Speech begins with a complimentary introductory call aimed at determining the compatibility of our services with your specific needs. After this first call, we will pair you with an experienced speech and language pathologist who will create a personalized treatment plan. Your speech therapist will work closely with you to overcome your particular communication challenges and goals and provide unwavering support and guidance throughout the process.

Each appointment with your speech and language pathologist occurs on a private video call through our secure online portal and will focus on targeting the areas in need of improvement through modeling, instruction, and opportunities to practice and strengthen new skills. Depending on the progress made during appointments, your speech therapist may also assign you specific tasks and exercises to work on at home to ensure you continue to work towards your goals between sessions.

What Makes Great Speech Different?

Great Speech has been at the forefront of the innovation of online speech therapy, and we are proud of the many things that set us apart from other providers, including:

Our Vast Network of Therapists – Great Speech has a team of more than 50 qualified and certified speech and language pathologists who have been thoroughly vetted and reached all of our requirements. Our accumulated network ensures there is a qualified expert ready to help you with your specific needs and goals and doesn’t limit you to someone in your area.

Our Unique Matching System – Because of our large network of speech therapists and their ability to work with clients in any part of the country, we are able to expertly match each client with a speech and language pathologist who is perfectly suited to help them reach their goals sooner.

Speech Therapy that is Accessible and Effective – By bringing our speech therapy services to our online platform, receiving speech therapy through Great Speech has never been easier or more comfortable. We strongly believe that supportive resources such as speech therapy should be available to everyone who needs them regardless of their specific diagnosis, needs, goals, geographic location, mobility, and age. Great Speech’s online speech therapy services are also available at more convenient times for you, allowing evening and weekend appointments to meet you or your child’s busy schedule.

We Save You Time and Money – Online speech therapy is a time and money saver for several reasons. We save you time by eliminating the need for commuting to appointments, paying for parking, missing appointments due to travel challenges, or rearranging your work day to accommodate inconvenient appointment times. We also aim to save you time because we don’t have an extensive waitlist as so many speech therapy providers do. In most cases, we are able to match you with your expertly selected therapist within 3 days of your introductory call.

We Accept Coverage from Many Health Insurance Providers – We are proud to accept health plans with Cigna, United Healthcare, Molina Healthcare, Sunshine Health, AvMed, Humana, Devoted Health Plans, Care Plus Health Plans, and Simply Healthcare. Aetna health care coverage is coming soon to Great Speech.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are seeking speech therapy in Orlando, your solution is here at Great Speech. Our exceptional network of therapists is ready to assist you in enhancing your communication skills and building confidence. Take the first step by scheduling your free introductory call and connecting with us today!