a mother with her baby

Why Do Babies Say Goo Goo Gaga

“Goo Goo Gaga” may not have a literal translation, but if…
An adult and baby playing speech games at home

When Toys Take Center Stage

7 Ways to Actively Promote Language Development in Children We…
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7 Reading Comprehension Strategies for Kids to Put Into Action Today

When it comes to learning to read it can be a tough thing for…
parents with their 1 year old child

1 Year Old Speech Milestones

Have you and your partner been chatting endlessly with your toddler, waiting for them to elicit a reply of any kind? You’re not picky, you’d settle to hear even a “mama!”, “dada?”, or “dog”! 1 year old speech milestones can vary, and you’re not alone in being at least a little concerned. There are a number of commonly asked questions we receive regularly regarding early child language development and what 1 year old speech milestones you should look for as a new parent.
child sitting on a couch
child dresses as a superhero
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Three Benefits of Creating A Vision Board: Tips to Make It A Fun Holiday Tradition

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The Latest Scholarship News for Florida Special Needs Kids

Good news for Florida residents! Your child may be eligible for…
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Does my Child Need Speech Therapy?

To Call or Not To Call? That is the Question! Sometimes I…
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The Power of the Pause

I recently received an inquiry from a well-meaning dad who was…