a woman during her accent modification class working on her mouth patterns

How Can I Reduce My Accent to Sound Like a Native English Speaker?

For many Americans, English is their second language. This means…
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How Do I Stop Losing My Accent?

Our accents can play a major role in our personal identity and…
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Is It Possible To Change My Accent?

If you’ve ever stopped to listen to people speaking around…
A man doing accent modification therapy at home on his laptop

At What Age is an Accent Permanent?

If you take the time to pay attention to how each person you…
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Speech Recognition Frustration and Communication Skills

With speech and voice recognition software like Apple’s Siri…
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How Speech Therapy Can Help You with Successful Accent Modification

Whether you're applying for a job or trying to effectively communicate…
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What Did You Say?: The Top Accent Reduction Tips You Need to Know

In 2020, there were more than 44.6 million immigrants living…
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Proud or Problem: When Your Accent Becomes a Self-Esteem Problem

If you're not a native English speaker, coming to the U.S. can…
a woman taking an online class to reduce her accent

How to Get Rid of an Accent: 4 Steps to Sounding Like a Native English Speaker

How to get rid of an accent? First up, don’t be embarrassed about your accent, it means that you can speak more than one language! Did you know that 40% of the world’s population can only speak one? Furthermore, if you can speak 3 languages or more fluently, you rank among only 13% of the world’s population.
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Leave Your Accent Behind

Everyone has an accent. No matter where you go in life, you take…