Stuttering Intervention

This program is designed to help tweens, teens and college students empower them to improve their communication skills. 

Learn more about how stuttering affects fluency.

Program Highlights Include:

  • Identify fluent vs. nonfluent speech
  • identify the role of dysfluencies when speaking
  • identify types of dysfluencies
  • Identify individual patterns of disfluency
  • Identify strategies to minimize disfluency and best match to pattern
  • Identify personal existing strategies being used to work with disfluencies

Frequency of Services Recommended:

This individualized program entails a high intensity approach (much like a bootcamp), offered for 3 sessions per week for 45-minutes, for 6 weeks. Fluency affects communication and overall success in career and academic life.

For more information schedule an introductory call to chat with a team member.