What Sets Great Speech Apart?

Since 2014, Great Speech, Inc. has been the pioneer in virtual speech therapy, delivering convenient and specialized services nationwide. Its innovative approach leverages technology to match highly-qualified therapists with clients who are serious about their communication goals. Great Speech believes that everyone deserves the chance to communicate with ease and confidence. Great Speech is proudly certified by the National Women’s Business Enterprise.

Our mission is to empower communication and help change people’s lives. Through our expert matchmaking process, we match the right virtual speech therapist with the right client to achieve proven results from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. With a computer, high-speed internet, web camera and a quiet room, our licensed virtual speech therapists provide services using appropriate, interactive therapeutic activities and exercises.

No experience in virtual speech therapy? No worries. We are committed to helping speech therapists become great virtual speech therapists by providing hands-on trainings, observations, support calls, peer collaboration and ongoing administrative support.

Great Speech’s Founder and Clinical Director, Avivit Ben-Aharon MS Ed., MA CCC-SLP, is passionate about supporting our team of virtual speech therapists change the lives of their clients one session at a time. Over the course of an intervention plan, whether you have a question regarding setting goals or discharging a client, our Clinical Director and supportive team are available to help ensure that both client and virtual speech therapist feels successful.

Why Join the Great Speech Team?

For nearly a decade, we have seen numerous therapists evolve from traditional brick-and-mortar therapists to innovative, energetic and dedicated virtual speech therapists. During our enrollment process, the virtual speech therapist will participate in a hands-on training session, video conference tutorial and receive an invitation to observe various diverse sessions. The newly enrolled virtual speech therapist will be privy to a behind the scenes look into the virtual speech therapy world.

Great Speech therapists can access our comprehensive library of materials and therapy tools, proprietary online portal and team leaders that are available to collaborate with. We know that life gets busy and hectic, so we offer both our clients and therapists automated text and email reminders prior to sessions to ensure minimal disruptions in the schedule.

Our virtual speech therapists appreciate having a diverse caseload which can range from articulation issues to more complex unique disorders. Our therapists do not exclusively serve one demographic, they typically see both pediatric and adult clients ranging from all ages. Our therapists can see students who attend brick-and-mortar schools or are learning through a virtual model, community centers or privately at home. Therapists have direct contact with families and caregivers and establish close connections. Alternatively, therapists can be working with adults or seniors in their home, office, through community outreach programs and in some cases even penitentiaries.

Through our proprietary match making process, we ensure success by matching the right kind of client with the right virtual speech therapist that will help the clients reach their ultimate communication goals. Once a match is made with a client and the virtual speech therapist, they will work together through the tenure of the program. We value work-life balance, and therefore our virtual speech therapists are autonomous in scheduling sessions according to their availability at a time that is mutually convenient for the client.

Virtual speech therapists that are looking to grow professionally and develop leadership and supervisory skills enjoy the opportunities presented to them at Great Speech. Supervisors mentor new virtual speech therapists by observing sessions, providing feedback, helping with material selection, and offer clinical support as needed. In addition to clinical support, Great Speech also has a designated administrative team, whose role is to be a liaison between the clients and the therapists and ensure that the therapists can focus on solely on direct intervention. If the need arises, our friendly and competent tech support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who Should Apply?

A great candidate is mission driven and passionate about empowering communication through speech therapy. This candidate must be someone who is willing to learn, tech-savvy, friendly, compassionate, detail oriented and self-driven. We appreciate candidates who possess additional certifications, interests and sub-specialties.

Therapists must hold an active Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC-SLP) and licensed in the state in which they reside in order to apply to Great Speech.

The applicant must be available a minimum of 5 hours across two weekdays, including but not limited to mornings, afternoons and evenings. Weekend availability is a definite plus. Great Speech is actively looking for providers who are credentialed with CAQH, please ensure to mention your Provider ID within your resume.

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