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The Latest Scholarship News for Florida Special Needs Kids

Good news for Florida residents! Your child may be eligible for the Gardiner Scholarship. Also known as the PLSA, Personal Learning Scholarship Account, this NEW financial program is designed to better meet the individual educational and therapeutic needs of Florida children with disabilities, ages 3-22 (or 12th grade.) If your child qualifies for the PLSA, you can purchase […]

The Power of the Pause

I recently received an inquiry from a well-meaning dad who was concerned about his son’s overuse of the phrase, “You know.” You know how it goes. We tend to use phrases like “umm” “well like’ and “you know” either out of habit or because we lack the skill and ability to respond quickly. Often, we […]

Does your child speak clearly?

Though communication begins with babbling, the actual art of articulation involves incredible coordination of many body parts including your tongue, lips, jaws and vocal chords. Try making the sound of the letter B with your tongue in the front of your mouth instead of the back. With a slip of the tongue, you have totally […]

The Case of the Cafeteria Plate

I recently treated an 8-year old child with severe autism who would only “eat” specific food from a specific plate, a sectioned cafeteria-styled one, every single day. I put the word “eat” in quotations because his eating pattern would better be described as inhaling or shoving the food into his mouth with his hands, in […]