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Three Benefits of Creating A Vision Board: Tips to Make It A Fun Holiday Tradition

Every December, I purchase a variety of poster boards, collect magazines, head to our local art store for scrapbooking materials and send out a calendar invite to the members of my family. The agenda: Visualizing our New Year goals together, one board at a time.  I did not create the concept of the vision board, […]

6 Ways To Help Language Disorders for Kids with ADHD & Dyslexia

Dealing with a child who has a language disorder can be a difficult experience for everyone involved. Not only is the child easily frustrated inside of a learning environment, but you too can often feel helpless in the situation. Figuring out ways to help a child deal with their vocabulary development can be quite taxing, to say […]

From Flunking To Valedictorian: How Speech Therapy Can Help Your Academic Struggles

Even Hollywood understands the challenges associated with speech impediments. Look no further than The King’s Speech to see the impact of speech therapy. But how does speech impact learning or cause academic issues?  Language skills are the first step to reading and writing. Without language skills social situations become stressful. Increased anxiety about school attendance affects academic […]