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6 Ways Speech Therapy Can Aid in Brain Injury Recovery

A Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) works with people who have experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Most often, a TBI occurs during a car or motorcycle accident. One can also occur in near-drowning accidents when the brain is deprived of oxygen. During recovery, the SLP’s focus is on the patient’s communication. SLPs also focus on muscles […]

Social Pragmatic Disorder vs Autism: What’s the Difference?

Despite similarities, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is not Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder (SCD). SCD first appeared in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual in 2013. SCD is a newer discovery and the symptoms of ASD and SCD are similar, even overlapping, yet different. A person struggling with SCD may have trouble with tones or sharing their thoughts. Speech, nonverbal communication, […]

The Difference Between Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders

Language disorders are just as individual as the people experiencing them. That being said, they do broadly fall into two categories — expressive and receptive language disorders. If you’re seeking support for your language disorder, or that of your child, it helps to understand these two terms and the differences between them. Let us guide […]

What Is the Importance of Reading Comprehension After School?

Reading, writing, and arithmetic. Those have been the educational focal points for centuries. They are the building blocks of all that we learn and all that we do in our lives. However, there is a misconception that the importance of reading comprehension ends after we finish our schooling. That’s definitely not true. Being able to read, […]

8 Ways Speech Therapy Can Ease Communicating with Dementia Patients

One of the most devastating effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia is the struggle to communicate. From the ability to speak clearly to struggling to form complete thoughts, dementia can make it challenging to communicate with patients. About 5.8 million Americans have Alzheimer’s and have to deal with the debilitating effects of the disease. If we could improve […]